Kevin for Mayor

Here's How Kevin James Would Make Los Angeles Better for Animals

02.11.13 3:49 PM ET

Kevin James, talk radio host turned candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles, with a detailed description of how he would make the city more friendly for animals and their human friends. Here's the introduction:

Animal issues will be a priority in my mayoral administration.

As the proud guardian of a rescued Dachshund named Lisa-Marie, I have taken an active and vocal role supporting animals for many years. Lisa-Marie's previous guardian dropped her off at a Bakersfield shelter with serious injuries to her head and mouth. Therefore, she was considered a "special needs" rescue. After a few trips to the vet, plus lots of TLC at home, she has been in excellent health for five years now. I feel lucky that I have often been able to bring her to work with me.

I went through the dog adoption process to obtain Lisa-Marie on-the-air on my KABC radio show. A listener from Thousand Oaks put me in touch with the Dachshund rescue center where I adopted Lisa-Marie. Pets have shared my home my entire life. Lisa-Marie is a very special dog -- she seems to have figured out that she's got a pretty good gig.