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Prospective Labour MP Jokes: Pimp Out Kate To Solve Debt Crisis

Should Kate become a high-class call girl in the national interest?

02.14.13 11:35 AM ET

Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge (R) speaks with British artist Paul Emsley after viewing his portrait of her at the National Portrait Gallery in central London on January 11, 2013.  This is the first official portrait of the Duchess and was completed after two sittings at the artist's studio and Kensington Palace. AFP PHOTO/POOL/John Stillwell        (Photo credit should read JOHN STILLWELL/AFP/Getty Images)

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There is a forthcoming mini-election in the UK to fill the seat left by a disgraced Liberal Democrat minister who tried to get his wife to take his speeding fine (long story) and the official Labour candidate is the noted  comedian and satirist John O’Farrell, who proposes in a recent tome that the Duchess of Cambridge becomes a high-class prostitute to solve the national debt problem.

The London Evening Standard's Londoner's diary reports that the author has "penned the passages for his new work, A History of Capitalism According to the Jubilee Line, published by Penguin as part of a 12-book series of London Underground-themed titles.

The narrative is self-styled as “Das Kapital meets the Poseidon Adventure somewhere in Zone 2” and includes an unusual remedy for the country’s economic woes: “American businessmen. Wealthy Arabs. They’d pay a fortune to give Kate Middleton one. I know I would if I had the dosh. This geezer might have actually come up with the solution to Britain’s national debt.”