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Marc Jacobs's Acting Debut; Cara Delevingne's Virginity Has Its Own Twitter Account

and that infamous Fashion Week slap gets settled.

03.05.13 6:59 PM ET

Marc Jacobs’s Acting Debut: Marc Jacobs will make his on-screen debut in the upcoming film Disconnect, in which he plays a “pimp for wayward, underage teens who are sucked into the seedy world of web-chat prostitution.” The film also features Jason Bateman, Alexander Skarsgard, and Paula Patton, and hits theaters on April 12. Watch the trailer above. [Refinery29]

Cara Delevingne’s Twitter Spoofs
: Cara Delevingne’s growing fame has spawned over twenty Twitter spoofs. There are even five accounts entirely devoted to her eyebrows. But the craziest spoof of all? @CarasVirginity. The account’s profile description gratuitously reads: “DO I EXIST? THAT IS THE QUESTION.” [Fashionista]

Fashion Week Slap Settled: The slap heard ‘round the (fashion) world has finally been settled. Following a seating dispute before last season’s Zac Posen show, PR honcho Lynn Tesoro was famously cuffed on the face by Jalou publishing house’s Jennifer Eymere. But Tesoro, who filed a lawsuit against Eymere, has settled out of court. Though the terms of the agreement have not been released, Tesoro did reportedly, “receive and accept an apology as part of the settlement.” [WWD]

Harry Brant’s Clean Computers: Stephanie Seymour’s tweeting offspring Harry Brant has some unconventional showering methods. “I never stand in the shower; I’m too tired…I’ve even brought my computer in and placed it on the bench in the shower, to listen to audio books. It’s far enough away so it doesn’t get wet,” he told beauty site Into The Gloss. But eventually that plan didn’t pan out. “One time, I did break my computer because it fell off, so I stopped bringing the whole thing in and now I have littler speakers that connect…” [Into The Gloss]