Fifty Shades of What?

03.19.134:00 AM ET

Book Bag: Jackie Collins’s Favorite Erotic Reads

Fifty what? Puh-lease. Before E.L. James ever appeared on the scene, Jackie Collins was already taking over the publishing world with her raunchily fun novels of sex and intrigue in Hollywood. Her latest is The Power Trip, and she has sold well over 500 million copies of her books.

Here are my picks for five majorly sexy and erotic novels involving interesting and complex characters and a ton of erotic sex. Get reading and have fun!

Portnoy’s Complaint
by Philip Roth

‘Portnoy's Complaint’ by Philip Roth. 289 p. Vintage. $10.20 ()

When Portnoy’s was first published in 1969 it sparked much controversy and turned Roth into a major celebrity. The book’s open sexuality shocked and titillated all at the same time. I must admit I loved it!!

The Adventurers
by Harold Robbins

‘The Adventurers’ by Harold Robbins. 712 p. AuthorHouse. $21.27 ()

What’s not to love about a steamy sexy Harold Robbins story? His men rock, his women—not so much. I always yearned for a little more equal sexuality—but his stories always took off and satisfied.

The Fan Club
by Irving Wallace

‘The Fan Club’ by Irving Wallace. 511 p. Simon & Schuster. ()

What a book! I literally couldn’t put it down. It involves the ultimate male fantasy of several ordinary guys who kidnap a screen star sex goddess. Wow! The sex is hot hot hot!

by Emmanuelle Arsan

‘Emmanuelle’ by Emmanuelle Arsan. 224 p. Grove Press. $10.40 ()

A woman’s fantasy of pure sexual erotica. Quite a major turn on.

Tropic of Cancer
by Henry Miller

‘Tropic of Cancer’ by Henry Miller. 254 p. Quaint Press. $11.67 ()

Banned everywhere! I smuggled this book home to England from the South of France and devoured it until I’d finished every banned word. A winner in the erotic stakes for sure.