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Kate Middleton Wraps Up

Kate has snowy sausage cooking session with Boy Scouts

No, bad weather shall not keep her from her fulfilling her apppointed rounds.

Kate Middleton was back at work today, visiting a scout group in snow-blanketed northern England.

Kate wore her $500 Le Chameau rubber boots for the occasion,  a bump-hiding shapeless green jacket and a cosy-looking newsboy hat. The jeans were $50 from Zara.

May we be the first to say that the royal Mom-to-be was positively glowing?

Kate kidded around with the scouts, even joining in a spot of outdoor cuisine, cooking a sausage on  stick over a camp fire.

Duchess of Cambridge during her visit to the and Cub Scouts at the Great Tower Scout Camp near Newby Bridge in Cumbria, England. (Scout Association/PA)

Given her condition, I think we can all excuse the fact she didn't eat the sausage afterwards.