‘Scandal’s’ Olivia Pope vs. Pope Francis: A Guide

It’s a big week for Popes. Scandal crisis manager Olivia Pope returned to TV on Thursday and Francis began his papacy. A quick guide on how to tell the celebrated leaders apart.

They both answer to a higher power—she, the swoon-inducing President Fitz; he, His Heavenly Father, of course. They’re both in the business of fixing things—she, the rich-people problems of D.C.’s elite; he the Roman Catholic Church. The Popes whipped two very different groups of devout worshippers into respective frenzies this week. Scandal-heads rejoiced when TV’s Most Batshit-Crazy Show Scandal, the ABC thriller-soap-drama starring Kerry Washington as crisis manager Olivia Pope, returned Thursday. Catholics around the globe rejoiced at the return of, well, a pope when Pope Francis was inaugurated Tuesday. With so many reasons to celebrate the Popes, here’s a handy guide to which is which—and the surprising similarities between the two.


(Photo Credit: ABC, via Getty/AP)