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First Look: ‘Top of the Lake’ Part 5

As Jane Campion’s haunting Sundance Channel drama Top of the Lake winds down its brilliant run, take an advance look at scene from Monday’s episode.

04.05.13 4:30 PM ET

Poised to become one of the best dramas of the year, Sundance Channel's brilliant and haunting limited series Top of the Lake, from creators Jane Campion and Gerard Lee, wraps up its run on April 15, but not before a few more dark secrets are unearthed in the process.

In Newsweek, television critic Jace Lacob wrote of the series, "As directed by Campion, Top of the Lake is an atmospheric and moody piece, both haunted and haunting, a gritty look at what lies beneath the surface of a seemingly idyllic lakeside town. As in many of Campion’s films, the inner lives of the characters are as rugged and wild as the landscape itself, and Top of the Lake is no exception. Numerous story strands—Robin’s dark past, the venomous Mitcham and his ne’er-do-well sons, a New Age women’s camp run by the mysterious guru GJ (Holly Hunter)—all coalesce into a taut and provocative thriller about damage, vengeance, and escape."

In Part 5 of Top of the Lake, which airs Monday, April 8, on the Sundance Channel, Detective Robin Griffin (Elisabeth Moss) discovers that Tui (Jacqueline Joe) may still be alive. In the following exclusive first-look clip, Robin is censured by Detective Senior Sergeant Al Parker (David Wenham) for daring to intervene while he "disciplines" a young boy in police custody.

The network released the following description for Monday's episode (SPOILER ALERT): "The race is on to find Tui. Robin questions Tui’s friend Jamie. He’s been arrested for shoplifting groceries. Robin suspects he is feeding Tui and could be the father’s baby. He won’t give anything away. But then he too disappears soon after. Dangerously taking matters into her own hands, Robin unearths a small glimmer of hope. Footage found on a mobile phone suggests Tui might still be alive."

Top of the Lake airs Monday evenings at 10 p.m.