Heimo Zobernig's Screen Dump

The Daily Pic: The Viennese artist makes room for video's supporting cast.

04.18.13 8:18 PM ET

In this age of projected art, six screens demand equal billing with the images shown on them. The installation is by Heimo Zobernig,  and I saw it in a group show at Leo Koenig gallery in New York. In person, the effect is quite strange: By now, we’re used to found objects getting used as sculpture, but here it’s as though pedestals replaced the works that normally sit on them. Rather than fading into the background, like the well-trained servants of aristocracy, Zobernig’s screens insist on being recognized in all their individuality and distinct objecthood: Here’s one wearing a yellow belt; there’s one discretely detailed in green; here’s another, standing proud and taller than all his kin, in a suit of silver that’s brighter than anyone else’s.

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