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Selena Gomez, Lil Wayne & More Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO)

David Bowie gets religious. Iggy Azalea goes Bollywood. WATCH VIDEO of the most entertaining, breathtaking, and bizarre music videos released this week.

05.10.13 8:45 AM ET

In this week’s top music-video picks, we take a journey through a postapocalyptic world, a jewelry heist, and vibrant stop-motion animation. From hip-hop to electronic and indie rock, and featuring artists like Fun. and Queens of the Stone Age, see which music videos are becoming viral.

David Bowie: “The Next Day”

Religion, prostitutes, and stigmata—this video has it all. David Bowie fans are in for a surprise as his latest video for his album’s title track has director Floris Sigismondi at the helm. She has created a sinister and seductive realm that stars Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard—reunited after The Dark Knight Rises!—as a badass priest and a indifferent prostitute. Bowie, dressed like a Jesus Christ superstar, rocks out with his band while some serious blood gushing takes place. This NSFW video was briefly taken down from YouTube and reinstated with a restriction, allowing only viewers over 18 to watch it.

Queens of the Stone Age: “I Appear Missing”

Music meets art in Queens of the Stone Age’s video off of their ...Like Clockwork album, due June 4. U.K. artist Boneface has not only designed the band’s album cover, but he’s also laid the foundation for the “I Appear Missing” track. In a Mad Max–esque, postapocalyptic world, a bloody and practically mummified man wearing a suit awakes from a slumber and floats across the barren landscape to the city.

Selena Gomez: “Come & Get It”

Selena Gomez is making some big-girl moves. Her Bhangra-beats inspired “Come & Get It” track features the former Disney star moving gracefully in a vast and enchanting meadow of azure flowers. Heavy-hitter director Anthony Mandler, who has made videos for the likes of her ex Biebs and Rihanna, let Gomez take charge in the wardrobe department, as reported by MTV.

Northern Bells: “Animal Kingdom”

There is a lot to be said about stop-motion animation and the meticulous work that is put into those projects. Eric Power presented his unique paper stop-motion animation for indie outfit Northern Bells’s latest video. Three peculiar creatures each take a journey through a vibrant, yet somber world, perfectly complimenting the tone of the track.

Rich Gang: “Tapout”

Major cameo alert! Paris Hilton, Kimora Lee, and Christina Milian (just to name a few) reveal their acting chops in this “Tapout” heist video for Rich Gang. The gang, who have indeed exemplified their wealth with this high-budget cut, consists of a high-caliber roster of rappers including Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Mack Maine, Birdman, and Future.

Iggy Azalea: “Bounce”

Aussie rap goddess Iggy Azalea doesn’t disappoint whenever she throws down a music video. She returns this month Bollywood style, drawing in Indian culture—from sari fashion to the colorful Holi celebration—and all shot on location in India. This girl even rides an elephant through the streets in Mumbai. It doesn’t get much more baller than that.

Fun.: “One Foot”

The “I’ll put one foot in front of the other” hook in Fun.’s track plays a literal part in their latest video. Directed by Mister Whitmore, the lyrical video follows a pair of Converse sneakers walking through a graphic designer’s dream of streaming fonts of the lyrics in the song. Watch the video until the end (see 3:31) for an impressive surprise. Converse had a contest this week to give away the pair of sneakers in the video to a lucky fan.

Deap Vally: “Baby I Can Hell”

This video screams Cassandra (Tia Carrere) from Wayne’s World. “Schwiiiiiiing!” The rocker chicks from Deap Vally—akin to an all-girl White Stripes duo—exude a badass demeanor in this retro-fitted video. The colorful, moving metallic shapes in the background are so hypnotic and play true to an old-school rock theme that it’s hard to look away.