‘The Bachelorette’ Premiere: ‘The Bachelor’ Franchise by the Numbers

As a new ‘Bachelorette’ makes its premiere, Anna Klassen has the numbers behind the 25 seasons of the looking-for-love franchise, from roses to exotic locations and fantasy suites.

05.28.13 12:00 AM ET

On Monday night, America was introduced to 25 new eligible bachelors on The Bachelorette, all vying for the affections of Desiree Hartsock, a bridal stylist (you can’t make this stuff up) from Colorado. She was greeted by a wide array of personalities when her dates stepped out of their limousines, attempting to make a memorable first impression: a tanned, shirtless hunk, a bachelor who brought his son, and even a contestant dressed in a full suit of armor—because isn’t that what every girl dreams of?

But what would The Bachelor franchise be without its iconic roses, its fantasy suite dates, and its private jets flown to exotic locations? (Just like any other dating show on television, that’s what.) But exactly how many of these signature ingredients have been put to use over the past 25 seasons? The Daily Beast breaks down the numbers.

Seasons: 25; Episodes: 228

Since its debut in 2002, the profitable franchise has cranked out 25 seasons. That’s not including Desiree’s current season, nor any seasons of Bachelor Pad—also filmed at the Bachelor mansion—ABC’s Bachelor spinoff and time-filler between seasons.

Contestants: 631; Total Bachelors: 16 (But Brad Womack twice), Bachelorettes: 9

More than 600 (!) contestants have competed for love on ABC’s The Bachelor, and 16 men and nine women have been in the lofty position of choosing their companion, including Brad Womack, who starred on show twice—but didn’t find a lasting relationship either time.

Contestants who fell asleep during the first night’s party: 2

For some people, being on national television isn’t enough of a reason not to fall asleep. With all the booze, small talk, and darkly lit corners tucked inside the Bachelor mansion, can we really blame them?

One-on-one dates: 398; Group dates: 146

The series has one-on-one dates, group dates, and the dreaded two-on-one date, where one man or woman is sent home on the spot. Luckily, those dates are the minority, falling in third place behind group dates and one-on-one dates—which I like to call “dates.”

Ambulance arrivals: 5

When you put 25 members of the same sex in a house scrambling for the attention of one potential mate, there are bound to be accidents. Take for example, last season of The Bachelor, when Sean Lowe had his ladies attempt a “polar bear dive” in freezing cold water. While most of the ladies toughed it out, Tierra LiCausi, the season’s notorious villain and drama-causer, put up a fuss after emerging from the water, having an ambulance driver haul her away. But let’s not forget the scene soon thereafter, in which she is seen eating hamburgers and lounging in bed, only to arrive at the rose ceremony completely unaffected hours later.

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Private jets flown: 15; Helicopter rides: 47

When the first helicopter of the season arrives to pick up a contestant, there are mixed emotions: first, the enthusiasm for feeling like the proper amount of excess has been allotted for your date, but second, the realization that with great transportation comes great height and great feats ahead—like scaling walls, jumping off of waterfalls, or skydiving. Regardless, helicopters have been used during the Bachelor nearly 50 times, and who knows how many times Desiree tried out this preferred method of transportation for her suitors.

Musical guest performances: 26

From Train to Sarah Darling, musical artists can’t resist getting free publicity on one of America’s favorite reality TV shows.

Hot tubs scenes: 35

What would the Bachelor mansion be with a hot tub or two casually waiting around the corner at any given moment? Nothing breeds romance like hot water and lack of clothes, and Bachelor knows this—always having a handful of bubbling tubs on hand.

Countries visited: 36

Picture this: a dozen or so contestants are left, and the eligible Bachelor or Bachelorette gathers his or her remaining suitors into a circle for a toast: “I can’t wait to continue this journey with you in … [Insert exotic location]!” Shrill screams erupt and applauding begins, glasses clink. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s already happened—36 times.

Fantasy suites: 64

When the final contestants have been narrowed down to the final few, host Chris Harrison offers these individuals, via handwritten note, the opportunity to spend the night in the fantasy suite with their suitor. While the fantasy suite date screams “SEX!” contestants claim that this time is much more—a chance to get to know each other without the interruption of cameras or time constraints (and test-drive their potential spouse before making their final decision…?).

Marriages: 3

While there have been 25 attempts at finding true love, only three of them have ended in marriage. Last season’s Bachelor, Sean Lowe, and his fiancée, Catherine Giudici, are scheduled to tie the knot in a televised wedding later this year.

Average age of a Bachelor/Bachelorette contestant: 28

Many Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants claim they are on the show because they have tried every other medium to find dates, so it’s surprising to learn that the average contestant is just 28.

Roses handed out: 1,231

The rose—the symbol of acceptance and romance on The Bachelor, has been used more than a thousand times. After wrapping his season, former Bachelor Sean Lowe said of the iconic bloom: “I’d be happy if I never saw another rose again.”

Hosts: 1 (Chris Harrison)

Since the show’s inception in 2002, there has been only one host of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette (2003), and Bachelor Pad (2010). Dallas native Chris Harrison announced his separation from his wife of 18 years last May. That leads us to an obvious question: could Chris Harrison be the next Bachelor?