Stamp It Out

Another Hideous Royal Portrait!

A distinctly second-class effort

05.30.13 9:41 AM ET

Why does everyone have to paint the Queen looking as horrible as possible? Is it part of the job description to render Her Majesty looking as if she has been subjected to a particularly nasty bout of poisoning, a la Victor Yushchenko? Or is this simply yet another attempt by the artist to get past the cloak of royalty?

The latest effort is by artist Nicky Phipps - who actually previously painted one of the few visually pleasing pictures of William and Harry - and is one of a book of six stamps being issued by the Royal Mail in the UK to celebrate 60 years since the Queen was crowned.

Images provided by Royal Mail

The collection of commemorative Royal Mail stamps dedicated to the Queen.

Despite the fact that Phipps's new image is being used for the first-class stamp, it is distinctly second-class, we feel.

By contrast, behold the flattering work of Terence Cuneo in 1953 and, most famously of all, Pietro Annigoni's portrait from 1955.

Images provided by Royal Mail

Royal Mail commemorative stamps bearing portraits of the Queen include ones by Terence Cuneo (1953), left, and a new one marking the 60th anniversary of the Coronation, by Nicky Philipps, at right.