Tabloid Shame

Corrupt Cop Who Checked Out Kate Middleton Story For The Sun Jailed

Paul Flattley sold stories to the paper for over three years

06.05.13 4:18 PM ET

A corrupt copper who raked in over $10,000 selling stories to the Sun in three years offered to check with his boss to see if rumours that Kate Middleton and Prince William were engaged were true.

His former sergeant was Kate’s protection officer.

Paul Flattley also tipped off the newspaper about a theft from Zara Phillips’s car. He was jailed for two years in March but the details were only today made public, in The Telegraph, after reporting restrictions on the case were lifted.

In 2010, just weeks before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced their engagement, the newspaper asked him if he could help verify a rumour that the then Prince William was about to propose.

He texted a Sun reporter to say he would “get one of our lads to do a few passes by her place” that day to “see if there were any extra Old Bill on duty”.

Flattley, who worked as a Pc in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, was dismissed for gross misconduct last September before being jailed.