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Michelle Obama, Ryan Gosling, ‘Game of Thrones’ & More Viral Videos

From Michelle Obama confronting a heckler to ‘Game of Thrones’ turning television upside down and John Oliver’s ‘Daily Show’ takeover, WATCH our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

10. Toddler Screams the Beatles

Could this be the cutest cover ever? A tiny, ukulele-wielding boy joins his dad in a soulful rendition of “Don’t Let Me Down.” Video was posted last week, but it’s still burning up the Internet.

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9. Pacers’ Hibbert: ‘No Homo’

That’s what the Indiana Pacers center said while trying to make a joke after last Saturday’s victory over the Miami Heat. He also called the media “motherf—ers.” Many people on Twitter and in the media called the phrase a gay slur and demanded Hibbert be suspended. He later was fined $75,000 and apologized.

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8. Spoiled on the Vine

Maisie Williams, the Game of Thrones star who plays Arya Stark, reacts to the show’s latest shocking developments. Spoilers abound.

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7. Watch Michelle Obama Confront a Heckler

Jake Tapper’s The Lead snagged exclusive video of the first lady shutting down a heckler at a private fundraiser. Watch Obama threaten to leave the event after she was interrupted.

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6. Samuel L. Jackson Auditions for ‘Breaking Bad’

Staring into his computer camera, Samuel L. Jackson uses his “tough guy” persona to pay tribute to one of Walter White’s best monologues.

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5. John Oliver’s Moment of Zen

On his last Daily Show before taking a summer hiatus to direct a movie, Jon Stewart tried to say a “heartfelt goodbye” to his fans. Instead, his show was hijacked prematurely by fill-in host Oliver, who was already making changes to the set and stuffing Stewart’s pens down his pants.

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4. Lyin’ Gosling

What happens when a Ryan Gosling lookalike strolls the streets of the Motor City? Watch and find out.

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3. Ten-Year-Old Wows ‘AGT’

She may be just a tyke, but Anna Christine brought the house down at Radio City Music Hall during the America’s Got Talent premiere Tuesday night, delivering a stunning rendition of “House of the Rising Sun.” See you in Vegas!

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2.  George R.R. Martin Loves Watching Fans Freak Out

The Game of Thrones author reminds us that there has been a spoiler to the gruesome “Red Wedding” episode out there all along: in his books. “Now you know why your nerdy friends were really depressed 13 years ago,” says Martin of a fan’s comment.

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1. Ain’t Nothin’ But a BriWi, Baby

One, two, three-and-to-the-four, Brian Williams is now a gangster rapper. Thanks to some clever editing by the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon crew, the venerable NBC newsman raps Snoop Dogg’s classic “Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang.”

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