New Wardrobe Malfunction Today Suggests Kate REALLY Needs Hem Weights

Kate suffered wardrobe malfunction on windy day launching a cruise ship

Kate, sweetie, you really need to get some hem weights fitted to your clothes.

How many times can one Duchess get her skirts blown up by the wind and not invest in a little lead tape? The Queen's been doing it for yonks. And her Majesty wears big heavy pieces by Angela Kelly, that weigh a ton anyway, not the flimsy little high street numbers Kate favours.

Anyway, it happened again today, while Kate was smashing a champagne bottle on the hull of new cruise ship being launched in Southampton by US company Princess Cruises (un-fun fact: their parent company owned the Costa Concordia).

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

The wind caused Kate's $200 Dalmation print coat from British main street store Hobbs to blow up, in very un-Princessy fashion, revealing a plain silk petticoat.It happened right at the crucial moment as she cut a ribbon to release the giant bottle of bubbly.

How she should have looked (Getty Images) (Chris Jackson)

It's by no means the first of many similar hemline malfunctions the Duchess has endured.

Earlier this year Kate suffered similarly when wearing a spotty Topshop dress when she arrived at the Harry Potter Studios with William and Harry, and again was papped when a gust of wind caught the same dress at a friend's wedding.

In September last year she was caught out when changing planes at breezy Brisbane airport.

Get some weights, girl!