Cookie Monster, Joe Biden and More of the White House’s Strangest Vine Posts

Cookie Monster showed up in a Vine posted by the White House—and creepily waved. From a trip to a Texas BBQ joint to Joe Biden in Colombia, The Daily Beast rounds up the White House’s strangest videos posted on the social-media app.

06.15.13 8:45 AM ET

Does The White House actually understand Vine? For one, they have two accounts: The White House and The White House video. Even weirder, one account has less than 100 followers and FLOTUS is nowhere to be seen in any of the posts. Exhibit A: Cookie Monster prowled The White House Wednesday, scaring the living sh** out of us. But this isn’t the first time The White House staffers have posted something out of the ordinary on one of their two Vine accounts. The Daily Beast rounds up some of the craziest Vines the White House has posted.

Bill Nye and the Gang

Proving that the White House knows its fan base is young people, the first post ever by the official White House Vine account featured Bill Nye and his entourage, which includes LeVar Burton, welcoming us to The White House science fair. Burton holds a steady, awkward hand on Bill (whose bow tie is somehow annoyingly disheveled—you’re at the White House, get it together!) and says something that even on loop number 15 still cannot be understood while a woman/ girl (age debatable) tells us: Science Rules! The only thing this video leaves you with is the Bill Nye theme song stuck in your head. Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill!

Joe Biden Is Not Impressed

On the other verified White House Vine account, Vice President Joe Biden takes a visit to the Botero art museum in Bogota, Colombia. Biden treks along wooden floors, viewing the art of Botero, from a painting of a woman eating what looks like a...lime (?) to a statue of an obese bird to which Biden definitely does not approve of. Biden gives the chubby bird his best “Grumpy Cat” face. Tip: if you listen to the loop long enough it starts to sound like a musical compilation.

Going Nowhere

In a spiffy gray suit, POTUS pedals like a champion—all for the sake of science. The stationary bike is a bike-powered water filtration system, putting Obama on a journey to nowhere, spinning in circles when he is more acquainted to the likes of Ovals. It’s also eerily like the scene from The Wizard of Oz during the tornado where the witch appears from a bike pedaling helplessly through the storm—this is the wicked witch of the West Wing.

Pork Barrel Politics

The president travels all the time, but during a visit to a barbecue joint in Austin, Texas the fabulous videographer captures the true essence of what is going down—sauce. It seems like there’s a subliminal message in the middle if you really focus (conspiracy!). But truly the most annoying part is that the Vine video focuses more on, of all things, barbecue sauce instead of the president. Granted, BBQ sauce rocks.


Oh look a casual day at the White—OH MY GOD COOKIE MONSTER. We almost lost our cookies upon seeing this spine-chilling loop of Cookie Monster sprouting out after what it seemed like he ate all of the children on The White House grounds. Cookie proceeds to wave at us, threatening death if we tell anyone of his plan for a complete coup d’état and cookie takeover. We give a thumbs up back for the sake of our lives, and he responds.