08.15.133:49 PM ET

Prince's Funky Twitter Debut and the 15 Best First Tweets

Prince joins Twitter, tweets photos of salad, and wins everyone's hearts. How does his first tweets compare to Barack Obama's, Oprah Winfrey's, and more?

Social media just got more funky. Prince joined Twitter this week, announcing his presence in hilarious, typically self-aware Prince-ian fashion—and the Twitterverse is all the better for it.

Using the Twitter handle @3RDEYEGIRL (3rd Eye Girl is a band that he assembled and is promoting), Prince made his Twitter debut with a series of tweets that spot-on answer the once-hypothetical question: “What would it look like if Prince was on Twitter?”

His first two tweets were, bascially, Prince announcing that they were his first two tweets. Obviously:

It all led to the glorious “PRINCE’S 3RD TWEET,” a photo of his salad. Obviously:

Everything that has followed has been absolutely delightful. A throwback photo, alerting the Twitter younguns to what Prince looked like at peak Prince fierceness:

Then, the best selfie ever:

How does Prince’s debut rank against other icons’? Let’s take a 140-character tour through history:

Warren Buffett (in the house):

Beyoncé, letting us all know that it’s OK to call her just “B”:

Oprah, the queen, FEELING REALLY 21ST CENTURY:

Lady Gaga, appropriately befuddling:

Alec Baldwin, gettin' tipsy:

Roger Ebert, perfectly profound:

Samuel L. Jackson, using his favorite word:

Hillary Clinton, giving due credit to the Texts From Hillary meme:

Bill Clinton, giving due credit to Stephen Colbert:

Tom Hanks, making a perfect old man joke:

James Cameron, “King of the World,” revealing the power of Ryan Seacrest:

Barack Obama, being all political:

Pope Francis, back when he was still Pope Francis:

And, of course, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey: