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Did Twerking Lose Miley Cyrus her Vogue Cover?; ‘Girls’ Costume Designer Does The Gap

and naked body paint enthusiasts crashed DKNY's fashion show.

09.09.13 3:30 PM ET

Did Miley Cyrus Lose Her Vogue Cover?: After her controversial twerking at the MTV VMAs, Miley Cyrus has reportedly been cut as Vogue's December cover girl, according to numerous sources including The Huffington Post and The Daily Mail. An undisclosed source said Vogue's editor-in-chief Anna Wintour found Cyrus's perfomance "distasteful," deciding to "take the cover in a different direction." Cyrus has already graced the covers of other fashion publications including Harper's Bazaar and Vanity Fair. Website GossipCop refutes the Vogue story, saying Cyrus was never slated for the magazine's December issue. Whether true or not, Miley-fan Cosmopolitan magazine tweeted, "RT if you want to see @MileyCyrus on Cosmo again. Down with #TwerkShaming #MileyFTW." [Jezebel]

Girls Costume Designer Does The Gap: Jenn Rogien, the costume designer for the hit HBO series Girls, has lent her style expertise to The Gap for its "Blue to Black" campaign. Famous for utilizing clothes to develop the Girls characters, Rogien will be sharing her style advice in a series of online clips for the retailer. The Gap's matching print campaign also features Girls star Adam Driver, as well as 22 other influential Millennials sharing their stories about what it means to be your authentic self. [Vogue UK]

Naked Body Paint Enthusiasts Crash DKNY: It just isn't Fashion Week without some nudity. This time, the naked charades weren't courtesy of models or streakers, but rather from body-painted Fashion Week-goers, wearing nothing but a splash of acrylic as they camped outside of DKNY's show Sunday. Unimpressed editors, including Who, What, Wear's Laurie Trott, Lucky magazine's John Jannuzzi,'s Amy Odell, and BuzzFeed's Alex Rees were quick to share their displeasure on Twitter. The paint-clad fashion patrons did not give an explanation for the display. Warning: Twitter pictures NSFW. [The Huffington Post]

Daughter of Auschwitz Kommandant was a Balenciaga Model: Brigitte Höss, daughter of a Nazi commander at the Auschwitz death camp, revealed yesterday that she has spent the last 40 years working in a boutique in Washington D.C. Höss, now 80 years old and battling cancer, fled Germany in the 1950s to Madrid, were she was a model for Balenciaga. She eventually moved to the United States with her husband in 1972. Höss revealed her family history to the Washington Post after living in anonymity as a fashion assistant, but, fearful of persecution, she only consented to the interview if her married name and retirement home were not disclosed. [The Daily Mail]