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Can You Smoke Weed if Your Friend Is a Cop?

When a Reddit user asked the Internet whether or not he’d have to give up smoking pot when his best friend finishes his police training, he got a collective: nope. Here, a roundup of the best responses from cops who are down with getting high.

09.10.13 12:29 PM ET

“Cops of Reddit ... Do you have any close friends who smoke weed often? If so, how has this affected your relationship?”

So began a Reddit thread started by ke33p_Calm, a curious stoner wondering whether he will have to stop lighting up when his best friend graduates from the police academy.

The answer he got? Nope. Marijuana lovers, meet your pot-friendly neighborhood po-po.

I'm in the DEA, and my brother in law smokes it medicinally. It hasn't affected our relationship at all, in fact I laughed a good bit when I found out about it. I mean for fucks sake he's just an average guy that's trying to lessen the pain of his chemo, it's not like he's some kind of drug lord that goes around selling meth and killing people. 

Cop here. I personally don't mind. My brother used to smoke a lot, but it didn't change anything. I'm just careful not to be around when it's actually being smoked. "Constructive possession" will get you jammed up.

14 year police veteran. Do I have friends that smoke pot? Probably. Do I stay up late at night worrying about it? Nope.

I have been a smoker for the past 15 years, and my best friend has been a cop for the past 3. He is not in it to be everybody's mommy, he is in it for hte $71,500 starting salary .... and the gun .... and the fast car. I smoke around him every time we hang out .... he just looks at me and says "as soon as I quit being a cop, I'll join you."

My roommate is in his second year (final) of police foundations and we smoke weed together a few times per week. They shouldn't care, haha.

I'm a probation officer, and I have quite a few friends who smoke. They're courteous enough to never do it in my presence and to not rub it in my face. I tell them I'd rather it be legal, because it's a waste of my time busting people for using it.

Can't really answer the question, but I've been to several presentations given by officers working in a major city's drug unit. The marijuana portion is always treated very lightheartedly with plenty of jokes about the munchies, etc. Almost to the point where you think they smoke themselves or at least did. However, shit gets serious when they move on to the meth and prescription pills.

I think most (younger) officers in bigger cities don't care so much about it, especially if friends were doing it, but that's not something they can be open about. However, if you get on their bad side, it's a good excuse to make your life a bit harder.

My brother is a police chief. He said that he couldn't honestly care less. He said if he catches people with it, he'll just toss it out and not charge them for it.

Step-dad is a cop who knows I smoke weed. It never affected our relationship. He usually just playfully mocks me in a surfer bro voice anytime I lose my keys or get the muchies. He's a cool dude.

cop here (and pro-legalization, fwiw). just don't smoke around him (respect/courtesy).