Did Victoria Beckham Serve Faux-Nuts?

Before her fashion show on September 8, designer Victoria Beckham served up Cronuts, only to receive word from the pastry founder Dominique Ansel that they were not the real thing.

09.10.13 6:17 PM ET

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham treated her backstage crew to an order of Cronuts on Sunday after her Spring/Summer 2014 show. She tweeted a picture of the pastries with the caption “Breakfast! Cronuts x vb.”

But on Tuesday, Dominique Ansel—the creator of the original croissant/donut combination—tweeted that the Cronuts Beckham served were actually fakes. Ansel tweeted: "Who tricked @victoriabeckham into thinking those knockoffs were the real Cronut™? An intern who overslept and didn't wait in line? Hope not." Beckham has not singled anyone out as the culprit behind the Cronut knock-off, nor did she disclose if she actually ate any of the fake pastries herself.