Scary Thought

Is Prince Harry Teaching Kate Middleton To Fly?

Kensington Palace won't be drawn on today's reports that Kate is learning to fly

11.08.13 11:46 AM ET

Maybe this accounts for the gray hairs.

Kate Middleton told a group of army pilots yesterday that she's learning to fly a plane - which has prompted the terrifying speculation that she may be being taught by Prince Harry.

Kate told a group of RAF officers during her London Poppy Day walkabout yesterday that she had been taking flying lessons, specifying that she had been learning in a fixed-wing aircraft, which her brother-in-law Harry knows how to fly.

William is solely a helicopter pilot, but rules would anyway prevent the two of them being in a plane at the same time.

According to a report in the Daily Mail today, Kate, whose father was a dispatcher for British Airways and mother was an airline hostess, told the pilots: 'My grandfather  flew planes.  I've had a few lessons on fixed wing.'