‘Breaking Bad’ Meets ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ In Hilarious Alternate Ending, Starring Bryan Cranston

An alternate ending to ‘Breaking Bad,’ starring Bryan Cranston, has hit the Internet—and it is downright hilarious. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Hal from ‘Malcolm in the Middle.’

11.17.13 2:00 PM ET

During the lead-up to the series finale of AMC’s Breaking Bad, many outlandish theories began circulating the Internet about how one of the greatest TV shows of all time would wrap things up. Would Walt kill Skyler? Would poor Holly die? What about the color green?

The wackiest theory of them all, however, was that Breaking Bad merely served as a prequel to the Fox sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, which also starred Bryan Cranston as Hal, a goofy, emasculated husband/father in the ‘burbs. The theory: “At the end of Breaking Bad, Walter White loses everything, falls in love, and escapes from Albuquerque. The two spend the last money they have on fake identities ‘Lois’ and ‘Hal,’ as well as plastic surgery that makes them look younger. They start a new family in suburbia.”

In advance of the release of the box set Breaking Bad: The Complete Series, available on Nov. 26, an alternate ending to Walter White’s grisly saga has hit the Internet, and boy, is it a doozy: