Presidential Candidate?

Rand Paul: My Wife Will Decide If I Run

The Kentucky Senator let slip in a speech on Friday that he wants to run for President. He simply needs his wife to agree

12.06.13 6:26 PM ET

In a question and answer period after his speech at the Detroit Economic Club on Friday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was asked if he would run for President in 2016. His answer was equivocal as Paul said his wife didn't want him to run. However, the Kentucky Senator made clear that he was game for a presidential campaign.

When asked if he would run, the Kentucky Senator quipped "where's my cellphone. I need to call my wife." Paul went on to explain that "There's two votes in my family, my wife has both of them, both are no votes right now." However, he said that he hoped to persuade her to change our mind. Needless to say, that statement indicates Paul has already decided that he wants to run for president in 2016; he just needs to get his family to support him in that effort. 

Paul was speaking in Detroit to outline his plan for the Republican Party to engage in outreach to the African American community and tout legislation that he will introduce on Monday to create Economic Freedom Zones in poverty-stricken areas to spur business growth.