Texas Congressman's Obama Barfbag

Texas Senate candidate Steve Stockman is raising money by giving out "Obama barfbags" to donors.

12.17.13 6:09 PM ET

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) is raising money for his Senate campaign by giving out "Obama barfbags."

For only a $10 donation to Stockman's primary campaign against incumbent Senator John Cornyn, you can get a chartreuse barfbag with a picture of President Obama and the tagline "socialism makes me sick." For those concerned about its authenticity, it is labeled "The Official Obama Barf Bag!". Stockman is running as a right wing, tea party challenge to Cornyn, the No. 2 Republican in the U.S. Senate, who he had derided as a liberal and "Harry Reid's Republican."

In an accompanying fundraising letter, Stockman says he and others could use the barfbag because "Obama’s job-killing, freedom-stealing socialism makes me sick to my stomach. And it makes me sick with anger when I see him shredding the Constitution, exploding our debt, bowing down to foreign dictators and plunging this country into European socialism!"

Stockman didn't just attack Obama in the email. He also attacked what he called "quisling Republicans" currently in the Senate. In contrast to those quislings, Stockman pledged to be one of the "take-no-prisoners, right wing leaders who will rip apart, tear out and blow up everything Obama has touched."

The Texas congressman though will need to hand out a lot of barfbags though to have a shot. The Republican primary is in three months and Stockman entered the campaign in debt. In contrast, Cornyn has a $7 million war chest and the support of a number of conservative groups. A recent poll of the race taken just after Stockman's surprise entry gave Cornyn a 44-point lead.