Bad Santa

Santa Claus Is A Bikini Model

It turns out there's a little Kris Kringle in each and every one of us. That is, with just a little bit of Photoshop.

12.18.13 6:29 PM ET

Santa Claus has proven himself to be many things this season.

He's been white.

He's been black.

He's been drunk.

He's been well, Santa.

And now, thanks to one clever ad agency, he's being reinvented once more—just in time for the holidays.

Today, Santa Claus is a bikini model.

Having a laugh at magazines that photoshop their models into unrealistic versions of their former selves, the agency Victor & Spoils started with a viral video that shows woman having her belly photoshopped into an impossible angle, her legs lengthened, and her eyes expanded to a near-cartoonish size.

As Christmas music fills the air, we watch as a graphic artist expands the model's midsection and back, sprinkles in some holiday body hair, and digitally grows the woman a beard. As her skin is turned pale, and her cheeks are dimpled, a familiar face emerges from the screen.

Santa. In a bikini.

When asked of the motivation to make the spoof, Victors & Spoils Executive Creative Director, Noah Clark, had this to say: "Our motivation was simply to create something fun that invited our clients and industry colleagues to chuckle a little this holiday season. When we came up with the idea though, we also started seeing this an opportunity to reinforce just how absurd we think the distortion of the female form is for advertising purposes by making it even more absurd. So I guess we’re amplifying an important conversation in a lighthearted way."

If that doesn't get you in the holiday spirit, we just don't know what will.