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9 Great TV Dads From the ‘90s

Uncle Phil was the best father Will Smith could ask for. From Danny Tanner to Tim Taylor, see the best TV dads from ‘90s sitcoms.

06.15.14 4:00 AM ET

Phillip Banks (James Avery), The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Will needed a father, and Uncle Phil was always there. He did a swell job with Carlton, Ashley, and Nicky as well. Yeah, we left out Hilary on purpose.

Bill Cosby (Bill Cosby), The Cosby Show

What better way to teach your daughter that underage drinking is dangerous than by playing a drinking game with her when she’s horribly hungover? (Don’t worry, it wasn’t really alcohol.)

Danny Tanner (Bog Saget), Full House

Sure this single father had two guys helping him raise his children—but one was an unfunny comedian and the other thought he was Elvis. We’re just kidding Uncle Jesse, you did a pretty good job with Nicky and Alex.

Alan Matthews (William Russ), Boy Meets World

One of the first dads to make it cool to work at grocery store, Alan Matthews was really the rock in Boy Meets World.

Carl Winslow (Reginald VelJohnson), Family Matters

Cop, father, and protector of Steve Urkel. Anyone who can do this for years is worthy of our praise.

Frank Lambert (Patrick Duffy), Step by Step

Divorce is hard. Frank Lambert made the idea of a new dad cool.

Tim Taylor (Tim Allen), Home Improvement

This clip says it all.

Al Bundy (Ed O’Neill), Married With Children

Before he was married with Manny, he was here.

Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta), The Simpsons

TV dads can be great in cartoons, too.