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New Set Of Harry Party Photos Hit Tumblr

New pics circulate on image-sharing site

01.23.14 7:06 PM ET

A new set of photographs of Prince Harry partying the night away (fully clothed) look set to go viral right about now, after the shots, allegedly taken in South Africa in 2013, were published on a tumblr account of a girl named Brent Brake who goes under the tumblr handle Brooklyn Blond

The informal photographs show Prince Harry kneeling on one knee and singing a song to the girl, who is pictured wearing a straw hat, at what appears to be a party in South Africa. In another shot she is shown kissing him on the cheek, while h has his arm wrapped around her and is grinning. She says the photos were taken in fall 2013. Harry was dating Cressida then and she has made no claims of being romantically linked to Harry.

In some of the other shots, the prince is shown partying and dancing with Brent, who claims in her posts to have been friends with Prince Harry for several years.

She adds that she has several more photographs of Prince Harry but that she will not be posting them on the popular photograph and image sharing site as she, "likes to keep them private".

She claimed to have met Prince Harry four years ago in South Africa and said she has seen him, "several times since then" adding that several times a year, "all our friends hang out".

In reply to an anonymously posted question asking, "what is he like?" The girl replies, "Believe it or not more real than most people you know."

When asked whether he was sexy she replies, "Everyone is putty around him… Look at him."

When asked, "Tell us something about Harry," she replied, "He's very funny, and has a great singing voice."

When she was criticized by another tumble user for posting the picture she replied, "I just posted a couple of pics… Didn't know I was doing anything wrong."

The woman claimed that the pictures she posted were taken in the fall of 2013 in Cape Town.