Stockman Mystery Deepens

On Friday, a spokesman for Speaker John Boehner told The Daily Beast that even Boehner hasn't heard from Texas Rep. Steve Stockman.

01.24.14 9:45 PM ET

Not even John Boehner has any idea where Steve Stockman is.

Steve Stockman, the Texas congressman and candidate for U.S. Senate against incumbent Sen. John Cornyn, has seemingly disappeared in recent weeks. He has not shown up on Capitol Hill for votes, and save for one appearance at a Tea Party event in North Dallas and a trip to Egypt, has made no public appearances.

On Friday, The Daily Beast asked Michael Steel, a Boehner spokesman, whether his boss had received any communication from Stockman about his whereabouts and if he had any idea when or if the Texas congressman might return to Washington for votes. Steel tersely replied "No."

The Daily Beast also talked to someone named Richard in Stockman's office. When asked when the last time he had seen Stockman, Richard said, "I can't disclose that information." When pressed for why he couldn't, Richard nervously said "I just started here." The only information that he was authorized to disclose was the House email address for Stockman spokesman Donny Ferguson. According to Richard, Ferguson was not accessible by telephone or any other means of communication. The Daily Beast has repeatedly reached out to Ferguson in recent weeks and he has yet to respond. 

The Daily Beast also talked to Ken Grubbs, a spokesman for Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) who led the congressional trip to Egypt that Stockman was reportedly on. Grubbs refused to comment on whether Stockman was even in Egypt, let alone whether the Texas Congressman may have continued onwards with Rohrabacher to Israel and Russia on other legs of the trip.

The mystery may be solved soon. Late Thursday night, Stockman's campaign twitter account sent out a message "Where am I? Find out Monday." In the meantime, Stockman has missed important votes on Capitol Hill like the recent omnibus budget deal as well as important opportunities to campaign in advance of Texas's rapidly approaching March 4 primary.