Peter Pilotto Makes Target Go Pop in Latest Collaboration

The up-and-coming British design duo unveils their collection for Target on Sunday, becoming the latest high-fashion designers to collaborate with the low-price superstore.

02.07.14 8:32 PM ET

Christopher De Vos and Peter Pilotto, the design duo behind up-and-coming British label PETER PILOTTO, are known for their use of bright colors and wild prints. Following in the footsteps of other major designers, including Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu, and Phillip Lim, PETER PILOTTO's collection for Target will be available on February 9 nationwide, with pieces including sweatshirt-style tops, swimwear, and playful sunglasses all for a fraction of runway costs. In anticipation of the brand's capsule collection release, Pilotto and De Vos share their inspirations and favorite parts of their new hybrid line.

Where did you find the inspiration for this collection? How did you develop the color scheme and patterns?

Christopher De Vos (CDV): We wanted to analyze what is “typically us” and the “typical” color combinations we are attracted to, and translate it into the collaboration.

Peter Pilotto (PP): Ultimately, our aim was to produce a collection that was fresh and summery—perfect to brighten up February when the line will be available.

How/when were you originally approached to collaborate with Target? What made you decide that designing a collection would be the right fit?

PP: Before Target approached us, we knew we would want to collaborate with them. We have heard such great things about all their collaborations and were honored when they called.

CDV: When making our final decision, we spoke to our friends at Liberty of London to better understand what the partnership would entail—they had wonderful things to say about the process and experience, which affirmed our decision.

How has your brand changed since it started? Where do you see the label in five years?

PP: We have accomplished so much since we started so it is hard to say where we will be in five years! We are always looking ahead to the future and have big dreams for PETER PILOTTO, but at the moment we’re just excited to be doing this collection.

Describe the collection in five words.

CDV: Fresh, Flirty, Beachy, Colorful, and Fun.

How was designing the line for Target different than creating your own collection?

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PP: We took an alternative approach to this collection given the materials and fabrics differ from those we use in our high-end line. We wanted to make sure the Target collection looked visually different to our mainline whilst still capturing the essence of PETER PILOTTO.

Is there one part of the collection you're particularly excited about?

CDV: We are excited to see girls walking down the street wearing the PETER PILOTTO for Target collection. We always enjoy seeing how people style and make our pieces their own.

What are your must-haves for surviving fashion week?

PP: Having a good team of people around you.

If you could see anyone wearing your collection, who would it be?

PP: The great thing about this collection is that we think it will appeal to a wide audience—everyone can find something for their wardrobe. This collaboration is different from our mainline collection, but the PETER PILOTTO woman is the same. She is always playful with her style and tends to dress in a modern way—mixing high-end with high-street. We’re always impressed by how all our customers make our designs their own.

What has the most memorable part of your career thus far?

PP: It is so hard to say the most memorable—we are so happy with everything we’ve accomplished thus far! Designing a collection for Target has always been a dream of ours and we are so thrilled with how it turned out.