Behind the Scenes

Inside the Hairstyles of HBO's 'Girls'

Hairstylist Sherry Heart, the mastermind behind the locks on 'Girls,' dishes on Hannah's bob, Jessa's braids, and why Shoshanna has abandoned her crazy 'dos.

02.21.14 9:02 PM ET

The girls on Girls have certainly grown and changed over the past three seasons. As Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna, and Jessa continue on their journies of self-discovery, apparently their hair is as well. When hairstylist Sherry Heart first began working with the show on season one, she received notes that the characters needed to be “messier and more ‘real-looking.'”  "It was against my instinct to make them so messy, as a hairstylist for film and television," Heart told Refinery29. "Now that the characters are somewhat more evolved, I can produce more stylized looks for them."

Heart continues by discussing the dynamics of each character’s hairstyles and how they reflect the individual’s personality—for example, Hannah's new bob, a result of her OCD breakdown the season before, is easy to maintain now that she is consumed with writing. Marnie's polished look, on the otherhand, mirrors her attempt to keep her mental stability intact. And, we all know Shoshanna’s quirky styles have been inspired by fashion editorials, but as her focus shifts to academincs in season three, it's easy to see that Shosh too has become slightly isheveled and sporadic. [Refinery29]