Viral Video of the Day: Game of Goats

Think ‘The Red Wedding’ farmland-style.

04.10.14 4:50 PM ET

Every new season of HBO’s popular Game of Thrones seems to bring with it a host of cover versions of the sweeping theme song. The last week alone has seen a smooth jazz rendition, an a capella arrangement, and a live performance by the New York Philharmonic conducted by the theme’s composer Ramin Djawadi.

This latest version, however, manages to capture the drama of the theme far better than any other—by adding screaming goats. They bleat their hearts out, bringing with them an intensity rivaled only by the show’s most iconic sequence, ‘The Red Wedding.’

Disclosure: A sheep or two lends some vocals, but ‘Game of Goats (and a Few Sheep)’ doesn’t have the same ring to it.