Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Bust Some Crazy Raver-Dance Moves to MGMT at Coachella

His breakdance in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ has nothing on Leo’s moves at the party in the desert.

04.13.14 8:13 PM ET

I’ve been pretty tough on the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (really, just Coachella), calling it an “oasis for douchebags and trust fund babies” who “join a gaggle of celebs” in donning wacky outfits to party in the desert of Indio, California.

Enter Leonardo DiCaprio. The four-time Oscar nominee, last seen breaking it down on the dance floor as a coked-up, luded-out scam artist in The Wolf of Wall Street, is a regular at Coachella, and made his appearance known in ’14 in what can only be described as an epic dance video. In the video, a man who appears to be DiCaprio is getting down to a remix of MGMT’s “Kids” in a field with his bro-pal.

Here’s DiCaprio at Coachella (far left):

Here’s the video:

You be the judge, old sport.