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15 Celebrity Walks of Shame: January Jones, Justin Bieber, and More

From January Jones to Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, see celebrities who’ve taken walk of shames.

05.02.14 6:10 PM ET

What’s shameful about these alleged “walks of shame”? Some would say that it’s the idea that the celebrities involved probably had sex. Or maybe it’s that they partied too hard that they had to wait until morning to stumble home. Or maybe it’s just that they were caught by the paparazzi.

1) January Jones in perhaps what is history’s most infamous celebrity walk of shame. 

2) Justin Bieber, disguised as a teenage pop star attempting to sneak out of a brothel in Rio de Janeiro.

3) Katy Perry leaves Russell Brand’s place. (Yes, they were married a year later.)

4) Katy Perry and John Mayer after his birthday dinner. (This was after her divorce from Brand.)

5) Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio in France a few years back.

7) Cameron Diaz was caught leaving Alex Rodriguez’s apartment.

8) Jessica Simpson, before and after a night with Adam Levine.

9) Rihanna leaving Rashard Lewis’s apartment (without pants).

10) Shaq being a very large man in public.

11) Lilo and Jason Segel.

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12) A tale of two Taylors (Lautner and Swift).

13) Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.

14) Jennifer Aniston leaving John Mayer’s hotel room.

15) Kim Kardashian leaves Kanye West’s hotel room.