Denmark's Dirty Cartoon Voter Ad (NSFW)

Virile 'Voteman' created to get youths to polls

05.15.14 5:00 PM ET

Of all the tactics used to court the youth vote, this might be among the most bizarre. Denmark has decided to use that irresistible combination of sex, violence and animation to impress upon its young citizens the importance of voting.

The animated 'Voteman' is a handlebar-mustachioed vigilante who travels by dolphin, is adored by women, and enjoys punching non-voting hipsters through the nearest window. If Ralph Bakshi were commissioned to make a 'Rock the Vote' ad, it would look something like this.

Needless to say, the nudity and bloodshed led to the ad being banned. Still, one has to imagine that it's probably tamer than what Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier might have cooked up.