Viral Video of the Day: Nike Gets Animated for the World Cup

Pixar-esque short pits soccer stars against evil clones

The 2014 World Cup kicks off in Brazil on Thursday, and to commemorate, Nike has released a five-minute animated short film starring some of soccer’s legends.

‘The Last Game’ depicts an international team of soccer all-stars—including American goalie Tim Howard, English striker Wayne Rooney and Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo—tapped to face-off against a league of soccer clones who, unlike our heroes who put their hearts into the game, ‘play like it’s a job.’

Reminiscent of a mashup between Pixar’s superhero hit The Incredibles and Bend It Like Beckham, this fun short will get you pumped up for the World Cup.

Thankfully, it’s no Space Jam.

Video screenshot