'A Tricky Few Days'

Second Royal Baby for Kate

It's official! Kate Middleton is pregnant, but sources tell the Royalist that she has not reached the 12-week stage yet and is once again suffering acute morning sickness.

09.08.14 9:37 AM ET

Prince William said today that it had been a 'tricky few days' after news of their new pregnancy was released before the crucial 12-week mark  because has been forced to pull out of a royal engagement after  suffering from the same acute morning sickness that afflicted her last time round.

"We're mostly thrilled, it's great news, early days but I'm hoping that things settle down, she feels a bit better," Prince William told reporters on a visit to Oxford University.

"She's feeling ok, it's been a tricky few days, week or so. I'm going to go back and look after her now."

The Royal Establishment caught the press pack unawares today with the announcement that William and Kate are expecting their second child.

Kate is less than 12 weeks pregnant, a source confirmed to the Royalist.

The young royal couple were forced to announce the pregnancy early because a slew of engagements will now have to be cancelled, as Kate is once again suffering the acute form of morning sickness, Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which blighted her first pregnancy. However, she is being treated at home rather than in hospital this time round.

Kate's participation in a royal engagement scheduled for today at Oxford university was cancelled, but a beaming William went ahead as planned.  Kate’s first solo overseas trip, to Malta later this month, is now in doubt.

A statement issued by William and Kate’s official spokesperson at 10:20 a.m. this morning in the UK said, “As with her first pregnancy, The Duchess is suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Her Royal Highness will no longer accompany The Duke of Cambridge on their planned engagement in Oxford today. The Duchess is being treated by doctors at Kensington Palace.”

Hyperemesis Gravidarum is very acute morning sickness, which may require supplementary hydration, medication and nutrients.

The statement added that, “The Queen and members of both families are delighted with the news.”

The fact that no due date has been announced is also significant, and another sign that the pregnancy is still in its very early stages.

Prince Harry joked during an engagement to launch his paralympic-style Invictus Games that he couldn't wait to see his brother 'suffer more' with a new baby. When asked how he felt about the fact it made the possibility of him becoming king less likely, he grinned and said, "Great!"

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, tweeted, “Many congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I’m delighted by the happy news that they’re expecting another baby.”

No details were given on the due date, however, and a source definitively told the Royalist that Kate has not reached the 12-week mark in her pregnancy.

A due “month” will be announced when Kate is safely past the 12-week mark.

Rumors are already circulating that Kate might be as little as nine or ten weeks pregnant, but has had to announce the pregnancy early to avoid a repeat of the debacle last time round which saw the announcement rushed out as William and Kate were on the way to hospital. They had to phone the Queen from the car to tell her the news so she did not hear it from the media.

The smart money is betting that the baby could be born around April 1.

Kate’s first child, Prince George, turned 1 less than two months ago, on July 22.

Bookmakers Ladbrokes reported a slew of bets on what the royal baby would be called, with the hot favourite being James at 6/1, followed by Arthur (8/1), Charles (10/1), Thomas (10/1), Henry (12/1) and of the girls, its Elizabeth (8/1), Victoria (8/1), Alexandra (10/1), Mary (12/1) and Diana (12/1).