You Gave Me a Book?

The Best Gift Books of 2014

A graphic novel from Jules Fieffer, a collection devoted to high heels, a global look at great gardens—for the hard to please on your gift list, we’re here to help.

12.12.14 10:45 AM ET

Crossroads of War: A Historical Atlas of the Middle East
Ian Barnes & Malise Ruthven (Harvard University Press)

For the history buff in the house, or for anybody still trying to understand how the Middle East was shaped into the borders that exist today.

An excellent collection of most of the works that made up the Nazi’s notorious 1937 Degenerate Art Exhibition along with explanations of why modern art was attacked as well as comparisons with artwork approved by the Nazis for The Great German Art Exhibition.

The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and The Game of Thrones
George R.R. Martin, Elio M. Garcia Jr. & Linda Antonsson (Bantam)

The book is filled with sumptuous illustrations based on what Martin actually thinks the cities, people, and castles in his books resemble. Thanks to the popularity of the HBO series, this kind of book is no longer just for the Dungeons & Dragons type.

Richard McGuire (Pantheon)


A wonderful way to savor the moment—every page of this book illustrates the same corner of the graphic artist’s childhood living room along with pop out windows that show what has happened on that spot throughout history, from a wolf with its prey to colonial Americans to more contemporary doings—housecleaning, heart attack. Great for anyone looking for some deep perspective on life.

Philip Jodidio (Taschen)

Every romantic thought about the seclusion provided by a cabin away from it all is captured in this book. Tailor-made for the person with an inner Thoreau.

Expect to hear a lot of wistful sighs this winter when guests open this book—its photos capture the region’s envious climate as well as its glittering past.

The Gardener’s Garden
Madison Cox (Phaidon)

Inspirational and daunting are the words that come to mind while flipping through this compilation of the world’s most magnificent gardens. Just right for that person who needs a little creative push to do something daring in their yard.

Ottoman Chic
Serdar Gülgün (Assouline)

Gülgün, an interior designer, opens up his historic mansion on the Bosphorus and provides an intoxicating look at the culture’s rich design history. An excellent antidote for the Pottery Barn-obsessed friend.

Killer Heels von

Sex and the City went off the air a decade ago, but cities around the world are still cursed with wannabe-Carrie Bradshaws stomping around in Jimmy Choos. Give this gorgeous book to that friend who fits the stereotype.

A truly touching collection of photographs of gay couples from 1900 to 1960—and an excellent reminder that same-sex love is older than most realize.

Paul Strand: Master of Modern Photography
Peter Barberie (Yale University Press)

An amazing compilation of the work by a photographer who was crucial to the medium’s success. Strandf could photograph anything from a blind woman to a picket fence and make the image indelible. His vision is addictive, but will you see the way he saw? You should be so lucky. Perfect for anyone with a passion behind the lens.

Kill My Mother
Jules Feiffer (Liveright)

A fantastic graphic novel from the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, inspired by classic adventure strips he read as a child. Great for the aspiring Quentin Tarantino, or for the aspiring next Feiffer.