CSI Cape Cod: Coast Guard Guy Goes On Murderous Rampage

Adrian Loya is alleged to have exploded a car in order to prevent cops from getting to him after he shot two fellow members of the Coast Guard. Then, authorities say, he started shooting at police.

02.06.15 1:25 AM ET

A Cape Cod town was rocked by a triple shooting and car fire early Thursday morning, a far cry from the usual quiet in Bourne, Mass., a snowed in, off-season vacation haven.

Police and witnesses believe 31-year-old Adrian Loya, a Coast Guard IT expert from Chesapeake, Virginia was behind it.

He allegedly left his motel at around 2 a.m. and traveled a few short miles to a condominium complex nestled down a dead end, where police say he shot two women who were also affiliated with the Coast Guard. One is now dead.

Authorities say he then “exploded” a car to prevent them from reaching his location.

When police eventually got there, he opened fire, hitting Bourne officer Jared MacDonald on the back below his bulletproof vest.

A back door view of the Cape Cod condo where Adrian Loya allegedly shot two women, killing one, and a police officer after setting a car ablaze.

James Joiner

After a protracted firefight, Loya was apprehended and the officer, a father of two, was transported by helicopter to Rhode Island Hospital, where he is reported to be in stable condition.

The condition of the surviving victim, also at Rhode Island Hospital, is not yet known.

Along with the car fire and gunfight, authorities reportedly discovered  “numerous explosive devices,” and other weapons.

The suspect’s relationship with the two women was not immediately clear. According to neighbors, the women were in their 20s. They were both confirmed to be stationed at the local Coast Guard base.

Police think it was a premeditated assault.

“It was an ambush. This guy set the whole scene up. This was an ambush on the cops,” Bourne Police Chief Dennis Woodside told the Cape Cod Times. You can see the Cape and Islands District Attorney’s press conference below:

Loya was arraigned today in Falmouth District Court, where he pled not guilty to murder, home invasion, assault and battery on a police officer, and five other charges. He was ordered held without bail, and he’ll undergo a competency test in order to stand trial.

His attorney indicated he had no known prior criminal record, and that the court files were sealed, meaning that access will be granted only to those authorized by statute or court order.

The reasoning behind the sealing of the files is unknown. Reasons records are sealed range from witness protection, guarding trade or state secrets, or in cases involving juveniles or sex offenses. Loya is due back in court March 23.