Trump Spokeswoman Wears Bullet Choker

If you can’t win with reason, blind them with, err, style?

12.31.15 1:49 PM ET

Donald Trump’s official campaign spokesperson, noted fringe conservative firebrand and alleged unemployment cheat Katrina Pierson made a statement, and stir, by appearing on CNN’s The Lead wearing a choker-style necklace of bullets wired together. Sounds a little crazy, right? Or at least it would have before this 2016 presidential election.

The necklace, which Pierson claims to be “real ammo,” is the sort of thing that, in a decent, intelligent, society, especially one rife with mass shootings, would elicit eye rolls and sighs. Unfortunately, we now exist in an era where ridiculous costumes, bullying, conspiracy theories, and who can make the most extreme and offensive statement are the norm, garnering free publicity and countless precious Internet clicks. Worse, it’s actually working, rallying support from those too blind to see this shock schlock for the hollow attention plays they are.

In response to certain corners of the Internet’s obviously incredulous reaction to her choice of trinkets, Pierson even offered to adorn herself with something even more over the top for her next appearance:

She admitted when pressed that she was just “making a point” with the fetus comment, but you’ll have to excuse some of us for needing that clarified, what with her and the Trump campaign’s behavior thus far. They may not manage to make America great again, but they sure are making it more like a cartoon. Or a movie.