‘Racists for Trump’ Ad Parodies The Donald’s Support on ‘Saturday Night Live’

'Saturday Night Live' crystallized Donald Trump’s support into a campaign ad featuring Nazis and Klan members.

03.06.16 5:32 AM ET

“The media’s been saying pretty negative things about Donald Trump,” your typical campaign ad voiceover said in Saturday Night Live’s first commercial parody of the night this week. “But what are real Americans saying?”

From there, we saw some seemingly reasonable people call the GOP frontrunner a “winner,” “authentic,” and the “outsider” that Washington needs.

But soon, we realize that these “real Americans” are actually Nazis with swastika armbands, Ku Klux Klan members ironing their hoods, and guys who like to paint “White Power” on the side of buildings.

“Some of his ideas seem a little out there, but I like that he’s looking towards solutions,” says one woman who has a bulletin board full of conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton being a secret Muslim. “Why do I support Trump?” adds another man in the process of burning a cross. “Three words: Good. At. Business.”

It was the perfect cap to a week that began with Donald Trump refusing to denounce the KKK and ended with both Bill Maher and Louis CK equating the candidate with Adolf Hitler.