Lindsay Lohan Not Pregnant After All With Fiance Egor Tarabasov’s Kid

Now she says she’s not pregnant! Even by the standards of the former child star’s turbulent life, Lohan’s relationship with Egor Tarabasov brings new meaning to the phrase, ‘It’s complicated.’

08.03.16 11:17 AM ET

Whether it’s running naked through her pal’s wedding or not turning up to court-mandated community service obligations, Lindsay Lohan doesn’t live life to the same beat as the rest of us.

So perhaps we shouldn’t be entirely surprised that her engagement to Russian mini-mogul Egor Tarabasov is not conforming to the parameters of normality laid down by the rest of the world either. Despite a 2 a.m. screaming fit on her London balcony claiming that he was trying—not for the first time—to strangle her, the couple is somehow still together.

And when Lindsay recently declared, “I am pregnant,” well, perhaps that means that actually, she isn’t pregnant at all. She was just, well, really, really cross with her boyfriend.

It was during an online rampage at her fiancé last week (in which she also accused him of cheating on her with a “Russian hooker”) that Lindsay dropped the, “I’m pregnant,” bomb, along with a clip from the movie Labor Pains.

Her appalling father, Michael Lohan, was quick to “confirm” the news to TMZ and other outlets, telling People magazine, “She texted me and said [she was pregnant]. I’m going to believe what she says.” 

Now, however, through her marginally less-ghastly mother, Dina, and another a friend, Lindsay is letting it be known that she is not pregnant and nor is she not-engaged

Dina spoke to TMZ—telling the site her daughter simply “overreacted” and was seeking a side dish of revenge on her beau when she made her pregnancy claims—after pictures of her daughter boozing and smoking on a yacht in Corsica emerged this week, and Lindsay was catching abuse for being an irresponsible pregnant woman. Dina’s denial of her pregnancy appears to be an attempt to defuse that incipient controversy before it builds up a head of steam.

However, even by the standards of the former child star’s turbulent life, her relationship with Tarabasov brings new meaning to the phrase, “It’s complicated.”

Lohan, 30, started dating Tarabasov, 22, last summer. The son of a Russian industrialist, Tarabasov is part of London’s eurotrash millionaire milieu. These expat rich kids hang out in the city’s five-star hotel bars, like Claridges and the Connaught, drinking $30 cocktails, but spend their summers yachting the Greek islands or Instagramming the shizzle out of their hotel rooms in St. Tropez.

Last year he moved into her apartment (she posted pics of him unpacking boxes, so we know it was real) and then the two got engaged earlier this year. It must have seemed to Lohan’s team of handlers and wranglers like manna from heaven. Maybe, with Lohan happy in love, she’d finally cool down? And they’d be spared the constant succession of dramas that is life with Lindz?

It was too much to hope for, of course. Those aspirations were cruelly dashed this week when Lohan was caught on video screaming from her balcony in the middle of the night—that Egor was trying to kill her.

Then she took to Instagram, publicly denouncing him to her millions of followers for cheating on her with unsavory Russian ladies. This kind of stuff is not traditionally regarded as emblematic of a joyful courting season; so it was perhaps reasonable for Lindsay’s public to assume that these statements marked an end to the affair.

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And observers have been quick to note that Lindsay’s engagement ring has gone AWOL, betokening an end to the nuptial planning.

Not so, says her pal Hofit Golan, who accompanied her on the recent boozy cruise of the Med.

“She has just moved her ring to another finger,” she told People, blissfully unaware, it appears, of the fact that she had just confirmed that Lohan had taken the ring off the finger used to traditionally symbolize that one is betrothed.

“She hasn’t taken it off. She has never said to anyone that she’s not engaged. She was upset. They had a fight and she needed to get away and beyond that no decisions are made. Anything that has been said either one way or the other is not true. It is the calmdown after the storm. She’s not said that she wants to break things off. She has not made any decisions.”

“They just want to sort out their matters privately,” adds Golan. “It is normal that people fight.”

The irony of Lindsay Lohan appealing for a little privacy? Surely that can be lost on no one—except Lindsay Lohan and her assorted groupies.

But we should have no doubt that she is not pregnant.

If she was, after all, she’d have tweeted out the scan of the little Lohan by now.