Authorities raided the room of an Al Jazeera bureau chief and charged 19 other journalists who worked with or knew him as part of an alleged plot to undermine military rule.

On the anniversary of the Arab Spring, parents and spouses of those who died in the violent upheavals of the past three years reflect on their loved ones' sacrifice.

Absolute Power

Two years ago, the country’s security services massacred protesters during a violent week of activism. Now, the military is planning to honor the very ‘martyrs’ it shot to death.

Middle East

Muslim Brotherhood supporters of former president Mohamed Morsi turned out for a risky showdown on the 40th anniversary of the 1973 war with Israel, following the death of 53 protesters during an army crackdown. Alastair Beach reports from Cairo.

The death of a girl who was having an operation to have her clitoris removed puts a new spotlight on the widespread practice of female genital mutilation in Egypt. By Alastair Beach.