In 1986, a young motel chambermaid won an MTV dream date with Prince in her tiny Wyoming hometown. On TV, it seemed like a fairy tale. Behind the scenes, coke-fueled chaos reigned.


Twitter tirades. Claims of being $53 million in debt. That Bill Cosby tweet. Rumors of relationship problems. The man behind ‘The Life of Pablo’ seems to be losing his grip on reality.

I Love You, Man

In the police thriller End of Watch, Gyllenhaal and co-star Michael Peña enact one of the most realistic male friendships in the history of movies.


The Toronto International Film Festival’s first four days offered many of 2012’s biggest movies and most outsize performances, from ‘Argo’ to ‘Looper’ and Bill Murray to Bradley Cooper. Chris Lee reports.

Aisle Seat

The sci-fi epic from the Wachowskis premiered to a 10-minute standing ovation in Toronto. By Chris Lee.