Dan Lyons is technology editor at Newsweek and the creator of Fake Steve Jobs, the persona behind the notorious tech blog The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. Before joining Newsweek, Lyons spent 10 years at Forbes.

Hi-Tech War

Apple is dropping Google’s map software in favor of a homegrown version that’s not as good—screwing customers in its Google feud, says Dan Lyons.

Cautionary Tale

Skout was a flirting app for grown-ups. Then it opened up to teens. Then three kids allegedly got raped. Dan Lyons on a cautionary tale about creepy new mobile apps.

Dream Products

Apple just rolled out a bunch of new updates, but not what everyone wanted—and Dan Lyons is disappointed.

Shakeup at the Top

Scott Thompson lasted just four months in the job. Dan Lyons offers a send-off.