Daniela Drake, M.D., M.B.A., is a former McKinsey & Co. consultant who is now a board-certified internist in private practice in Los Angeles.


Sixteen seasons in, The Biggest Loser continues to be a ratings winner. But its coaches and producers are losing an opportunity to really educate the public about the science of weight gain and loss.


Patient violence against doctors in China is shockingly common, and it’s increasing as more citizens get insured. Could the US see this kind of violence under Obamacare?


Ever wondered how easy it is to get a medical marijuana license? One doctor went to Venice Beach to find out—and illuminated tons of problems with the current state of legal weed.

Bojangles Effect

By tying doctor pay to patient satisfaction scores, Obamacare’s ‘pay for performance’ system is going to disproportionately hurt minority doctors. Here’s why.