Jennifer Sky, a former model and actress, has written for The New York Times, New York Magazine's "The Cut," the New York Observer, and Interview magazine. Her e-book, Queen of the Tokyo Ballroom, published by the Atavist, is part of her memoir-in-progress about the true life of a teenage girl working in the fashion industry. She is a models' rights advocate and lives in Brooklyn.

Model Rights

Models look glamorous and never less than perfect on the billboards. But they claim they’re not being paid properly for looking this fabulous—and now they’re fighting back.

Model Rights

In the wake of Hill’s allegations against Clarence Thomas, public opinion shifted when it came to combating sexual harassment in the workplace. Yet somehow, models have been overlooked.


The cyclist Dotsie Bausch, who won a silver medal in London, battled anorexia and drug addiction as a teenage model. Former teen model Jennifer Sky on what we can learn from it.