Joel Keller is the editor in chief of the AOL blog TV Squad. His writing about pop culture, food, and travel has appeared in the New York Times, New Jersey Monthly, Cinematical, and Radar Online. Even after writing about TV for five years, he still hasn't figured out how to write off a 50" plasma TV on his taxes.

The star of FX’s hit series Rescue Me, talks to The Daily Beast about Michael J. Fox’s return to TV, penis size, his new comedy tour, turning down Scorsese, and firefighters doing musical numbers.

The precocious mind behind The O.C., Gossip Girl, and Chuck, talks about his bold new web series, Rockville, CA, the Gossip Girl prequel, and why his actors always seem to fall in love offscreen.

Bryan Cranston, the star of the critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad, which starts its second season tonight on AMC, on what dark things await his drug-producing, cancer-ridden alter-ego—plus, his legacy on Seinfeld.

The actor sounds off about honoring America’s war dead, his footloose career choices, and why he wants everyone to shut up about Bernie Madoff already.

Television’s premier geek auteur, Buffy creator Joss Whedon, on why his new series, Dollhouse, isn’t another Firefly, how Eliza Dushku found her inner Meryl Streep, and when Dr. Horrible will sing again.