Laura Bennett was trained as an architect but has since established her career as a fashion designer by becoming a finalist on Season 3 of Bravo's Project Runway. Bennett lives amid complete chaos in New York City with her husband and too many children. She explains it all in her book, Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday? A Mother’s Guide To Sanity In Stilettos.

My Disney Cruise from Hell

Ever try traveling with four kids? In an exclusive excerpt from her new book, Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday?, Project Runway star Laura Bennett shares her hilarious story of what happened she tried to take a vacation with her family.

Why I'm Thrilled Baseball Is Over

The end of the World Series has Laura Bennett excited not about the New York Yankees’ victory, but about the return of Glee and nights with her husband—and no more watching grown men spitting in high definition.

My Illegal, Flammable, Fabulous Hair Treatment

Our fearless, crimson-coiffed correspondent risks a toxic cocktail of keratin and formaldehyde that, when applied with heat, makes the most unruly head of hair silky, straight, and smooth—if it doesn't kill you first.

Sandwiches That Kill

Our children are now taught that a classmate might die right in front of them if they bring PB&J for lunch. Where were these kids when we were in school?

Real Moms of New York

Forget the fake jewelry and faux friendships of Real Housewives. The Daily Beast’s Laura Bennett on what the show Real Moms of New York would look like. Don’t worry, it still includes martinis.

God Bless My Nannies

If I had to do it all by myself, I’d go completely postal. My six children have four mothers—and one of them’s a man.

Exactly How Are Men Superior?

I love my sons—they’re funny, sweet, and full of surprises. But I don’t understand how a species incapable of feeding themselves—much less hitting the toilet—ever came to rule the planet.

My War Against Food Nazi Moms

Feeding your child a sandwich made with white bread or—the horror, the horror—a bag of Doritos could cost you custody of your children? Laura Bennett thinks that bites.