Susannah Breslin is a freelance journalist and blogger (BLOG). 

When exotic dancer Lily Burana married an Army officer, she left behind her life in strip clubs and became a cake-baking, anxiety-ridden military wife. Then came the bombshells.

Generation Kill author Evan Wright talks about his new book, Hella Nation, celebrating the porn stars, anarchists, Ultimate Fighters, and white supremacists who make our country so great.

The author of the blog Reverse Cowgirl and noted sex writer says promiscuous women still suffer from the classic sexual double-standard more than men who can’t get laid. Plus, read Grant Stoddard’s rebuttal.

When it comes to sex, who’s got it tougher: the woman who’s called a slut for having too much casual sex? Or the guy who’s branded a loser for not having enough? A provocative new study has launched a Daily Beast debate between sexperts Susannah Breslin and Grant Stoddard.