Tunku Varadarajan is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and writer-at-large for The Daily Beast.

New Frontier

It’s an ambitious new target for the terror network now stuck in ISIS’s shadow, yet one with a chilling logic for its allies in Pakistan. But will Indian Muslims heed Zawahiri’s call?

Dormant Alliance

Here’s how bad things are between Washington and New Delhi these days: It’s news that Kerry even made the trip. Why this reluctant partnership might be best left to wither.

Rather than sanctions that would hurt the Russian people, maybe the best way to retaliate for the Ukraine crisis would be to hurt Vladimir Putin's legacy. Namely, take away the 2018 World Cup. Tunku Varadarajan discusses.

Crisis in Ukraine

In the wake of the MH17 disaster, the world needs to make Vladimir Putin’s pride—not the Russian people—pay. And a good first step would be to stop pretending sport is politically neutral.


With talisman Neymar, captain and defensive key Thiago Silva absent, the Brazilians were taken apart in shocking fashion by a remorseless German side on Tuesday night.