1. Smart

    Heavy Hitters at NYRB Weigh In on Nov. 4

    Calling it a “Fateful Election,” The New York Review of Books has corralled its bench of heady contributors to opine, as only NYRB All-Stars can, about Transformative Tuesday. The range of voices is ideologically united but temperamentally distinct. Joan Didion does her mannered, elliptical thing: “We had kept talking about how different it was, but it wasn’t.” Ron Dworkin uses the Supreme Court as his lens; Frances FitzGerald focuses on Sarah Palin’s faith as a “habit of mind.” With Russell Baker, Garry Wills, and a bunch of others, it’s a rich collage of thoughtful and sometimes desperate intellectuals who are ready to move somewhere (although they don’t know where) should Nate Silver be wrong next week.

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